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Lux and lumens per watts- The difference between the Lux and the lumen is that the Lux takes into account the area over which the luminous flux is spread 

LEDRunlights measurements are done using one high power LED. The beam diameter is 14 inches when the distance between the lamp head (LED) and the light meter is 11 inches. Typically, the lighting from our new LED lamps are 540 to 561 Lux when the lamp head is 11 inches from the light detector.



Lumens per watts chart: 

Typically the LED lighting is 80-105 lumens per watts chart. 










Conventional incandescent light bulbs typically are about 15 lumens per watt and the compact fluorescent lamps are about 50 lumens per watt. LEDRunLights LLC, Manufacturer of high intensity and high power LED module for General lighting applications. LED Run Lights introducing a unique energy efficient LED insert/package module.  (Typical 80 lumens per watts) The LED designed  with high efficient thermal management, Keeping LED's COOL is the key for high quality LED's and helps extend LED life and reliability.  LED Run Lights  manufactures the LED lens with special material that will not change the optical characteristics during time. As the LED materials technology became more advanced, the light output was increased, while maintaining the efficiency and the reliability to an acceptable level, causing LED to become bright enough to be used for illumination, in various applications such as lamps and other lighting fixtures

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1. LED Lamps with gooseneck and Spring clip (49 types) Click here to Build your Lamp

2. LED lamps with Flexible tube and metal neck (50 types). Click here for more.

3. LED for signs, Backlights, channel letter and Traffic signal. LED light products available in colors: Blue, Red, White, Yellow, and Green.

4. LED for General Lighting and Decoration, available with 3, 6, and 9  high power LED's (45 types).

5. LED light products available in colors: Blue, Red, White, Yellow, and Green.

6. Illuminate highway and freeway signs using High power LED product (27 types).

7. Lighting bar for parking Garage: 3 to 12 foot bar with high power LED heads lamp, each head can be with single or double sided light source.

8.  Cost-effective traffic signal lamps using LED (light-emitting diodes)

9. LED desk lamp, go to Buy a lamp or Click here to Build your Lamp

10. LED wall lamp go to Buy a lamp or Click here to Build your Lamp

11. LED table lamp go to Buy a lamp or Click here to Build your Lamp

12. LED lamp with magnet base go to Buy a lamp or Click here for Magnet Base LED Lamp


Typical Advantages and Disadvantage of using LED

Advantages of using LED

Disadvantages of using LED

LED produce more light per watt than incandescent bulbs, LED is energy-saving devices

LED are currently more expensive on an initial capital cost basis, than more conventional lighting technologies. However, when considering the total cost of ownership (including energy and maintenance costs), LED far surpass incandescent or halogen sources 

LED can emit light of an intended color without the use of color filters This is more efficient and can lower initial costs. LEDrunlights have Adequate heat-sinking to maintain long life. This is especially important when considering automotive, medical, and military applications. 


LED performance largely depends on the ambient temperature of the operating environment. Over-driving the LED in high ambient temperatures may result in overheating of the LED package.

The solid package of the LED can be designed to focus its light. Incandescent and fluorescent sources often require an external reflector to collect light and direct it in a usable manner

LED must be supplied with the voltage above the threshold and a current below the rating. This can involve series resistors or current-regulated power supplies, contact LEDrunlights for more info

LED are ideal for use in applications that are subject to frequent on off cycling.


LED can very easily be dimmed either by Pulse-width modulation or lowering the forward current.

LED do not approximate a “point source” of light, so cannot be used in applications needing a highly collimated beam. LED are not capable of providing divergence below a few degrees.

LED light up very quickly. A typical red indicator LED will achieve full brightness in microseconds LED used in communications devices can have even faster response times.



LED mostly fail by dimming over time, rather than the abrupt burn-out of incandescent bulbs


LED can have a relatively long useful life. estimates 35,000 to 50,000 hours of useful life, though time to complete failure may be longer. Fluorescent tubes typically are rated at about 30,000 hours, and incandescent light bulbs at 1,000–2,000 hours


LED, being solid state components, are difficult to damage with external shock, unlike fluorescent and incandescent bulbs which are fragile


LED can be very small and are easily populated onto printed circuit boards and other applications.



LED do not contain mercury, unlike compact fluorescent lamps


Due to the human eye's visual persistence LED can be pulse width or duty cycle modulated in order to save power or achieve an apparent higher brightness for a given power input. 


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