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LED for Signs, Signage and channel letter or general lighting products

LEDRunLights LLC, Manufacturer of LED insert modules, for Backlighting, signs, Signage and channel letter, The LED insert modules embedded into heat sink.

LED light products available in colors: Blue, Red, White, Yellow, and Green. for Customer's special requirements are welcome   or  Price, Part Number, Typical Dimension 

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LED Run Lights introducing a unique energy efficient 0.5 Watt LED and high power 1, 1.5, and 2 Watts LED insert module. LEDRunLights, Manufacturer of high power LED Module and LED light products for General lighting applications. LED Run Lights introducing a unique energy efficient  0.5Watts and 1W LED's, The LED designed  with exceptional heat dissipating capabilities and high efficient thermal management that increases the LED performance. Typical the LED lighting is 80 lumens per watts

How to connect 3 LEDHow to connect 6 LEDHow to connect 9 LED  or more


Application For LEDrunlights products



Traffic signal


Signage and channel letter

Architectural and entertainment lighting

portable light source

Outdoor and Indoor applications

art, and much more.

LED Run Lights- Light Emitting Diode Run Lights


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