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Buy direct- Flexible LED lamps, Gooseneck LED lamps, LED wall lamp, LED table lamp, LED Magnet base lamp LED lamps from the manufacturer of high power LED light product  Go to Buy a lamp, or  LED Light Product or Build your Lamp  

LEDRunLights, Manufacturer of high power LED  Module and LED light products for General lighting applications. LED Run Lights introducing a unique energy efficient and high power 1Watt LED's(each), The LED designed  with exceptional heat dissipating capabilities and high efficient thermal management that increases the LED performance. LEDRunLights manufactures the LED lens with special material that will not change the optical characteristics during time.

How to connect LED's

What we need to know? Numbers of LED, LED Voltage and current, power source Voltage and current.

One of the requirement is to connect Resistor to the LED. we must to connect a resistor in series to the LED to limit the current/voltage through the LED, otherwise the LED will "burn" in a short time.

The resistor Value , R is given by


VS= the Supply Voltage, 

VL= the LED Voltage (please E-mail/ask LEDrunlights for VL)

I = the LED current (please E-mail/ask LEDrunlights for I)

How to choose the resistors? choose the nearest standard resistor value which is greater then the calculate value, if the calculate value is not available. Higher resistor value will decrees the LED current and increase the LED life but it will decrees the LED brightness.

How to connect 3 LED's

How to connect 6 LED's

How to connect 9 LED's  or more

Note: LEDRunlights usually using high power LED with 3.8VDC and the current I=350mA. LED design with exceptional heat dissipating capabilities and high efficient thermal management.

1 LED, 2 LED's, 3 LED's, 4 LED's, 5 LED's, 6 LED's, 7 LED's, 8 LED's, 9 LED's


Fig 1. One LED and one resistor in series R1


Fig 2.  Two LED and one resistor in series R2.


Fig 3.  Three LED and one resistor in series R3.


  Fig 4. Connection of 9 LED in series and parallel, and 3 resistor R3, R4, R5


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