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 It's easy and simple. E-mail us the Lamp Code  for a quotation.  Choose only one combination of the letter/number (in Red) from the table below. For example: Light color 2, Gooseneck C, Base type E, Light type K, Head color MHead type S, Number of heads U, Input power X, Switch 4. Your Lamp Code should look something like this : 2CEKMSUX4. You design and we will build your LED Lamp kit with no extra cost to you. E-mail us the Lamp code Contact.


Light color
White light 2
Blue light 4

White light color is ~5000K

Blue light color is ~ 460nm to 470nm

Chrome Finish Gooseneck, Flexible tube

Chrome Finish Gooseneck, 
9 inches A
18 inches C
26 inches D
Lamp height, typical dimension (Gooseneck + lamp head + Base) Gooseneck length is ~2 to 3 inches smaller then the lamp height. recommended 18 inches, B3

 Black Vinyl Finish Gooseneck  

Flexible tube

 Black Vinyl Finish Gooseneck
9 inches B1
18 inches B3
26 inches B4

Lamp height, typical dimension (Gooseneck + lamp head + Base) Gooseneck length is ~2 to 3 inches smaller then the lamp height.  (recommended 18 inches, B3)

               Low profile Black Flexible metal neck. Change the height as needed
 1 to 4 inches F
Low profile Flexible metal neck, you can change the height as needed, typical dimension W=0.75 inches and  L =4 inches other L are also available, please contact us for more info

Spring 1 Base

3 inches spring clip E
Spring clip base (recommended E)

Acrylic Base

Acrylic Base N2
 Lamp Base made from 6"X6" Clear acrylic (recommended N2)

Table Base 

4x4 inches G
6x6 inches H
Square base, The base is not shiny or reflect  Light. 6X6 inches (H) is for 24 inches Gooseneck (recommended N2)

Magnet Base


Magnetic Base

2.6 inches magnet




2.6" in diameter, Round Base (recommended I) Magnet 17 lb Pull.  Magnet plate is available.

Wall mount plate Base  


White plate: Good for mounting on walls or other flat surfaces.
white plate Z
Wall mount White metal plate or Metal Silver plate, dimension 4.5"x 2.75"  holes are 3.25" apart,  plates come with mounting screws.


Rectangular box


Dimensions: 3.25" x  1.5" x 0.75" Connect the lamp with two screws to panels or other thin surfaces. 

Surface and wall Base 

L shape plate: Good for mounting on walls or other flat surfaces.
L shape plate Z2
Natural Aluminum, L shape (natural Aluminum L shape dimension W=2" H=2.5 inches). inches, with 3 mounting holes.

Light Type


Light type 
Spot Light K
Flood Light L
Spot light (recommended K)  Typical light angle is 65 Deg. Other light angles are available, please Contact us.

  Head color 

Green M
Blue N
White O
Black P
Dark Red Q
Metal /Clear R
Head lamp color. (recommended P) Black

   S type Head 


S type Head  S
LED Lamp head is 90 degree to the Gooseneck (Flexible tube).

In Line Head                   

In Line Head W
In line head light

Numbers of heads

1  head U
2 heads V
Numbers of LED lamp heads can be with T head type or line head (recommended U)

Input Power   

120VAC (USA) X
220VAC Y
Input Voltage Power, 

USA voltage is (X) 120VAC

ON-OFF Switch        

ON-OFF Switch  
Toggle switch  4
Toggle switch

In Line Switch 

ON-OFF Switch  
In Line Switch   2
In line cord Switch. color can be White or Brown.

For example your Lamp Code should look something like this 2CEKMSUX4   

   Your lamp will be built per your specification, please allow 4-6 business day before shipping.

E-mail us the LED Lamp code for quotation: Contact

Customer's special requests are welcome.

Please go to the following link for terms and safety information:

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